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        1. How Air Taxi Travel Works

          How It Works
            • FIND YOUR AIRPORTS

              Enter your street address. Air taxis use 10x more airports than the airlines, so why not find the closest ones?

            • SELECT YOUR AIR TAXI

              Choose your plane based on number of seats, speed and non-stop range. Like a regular taxi, you get the entire plane.

            • SHARE EXTRA SEATS & SAVE

              Share extra seats and receive credit for future travel. Shared seats appear at the top of the plane list.

            • CONFIRM

              We will email you details on the where to go at the airport (the ‘FBO’) and the tail number of your aircraft so you can connect with your pilot.

            • CONNECT

              Before, during and after your trip, we are available to help - just email, chat or call.

            • ENJOY FLYING AGAIN

              Relax and enjoy the benefits of Air Taxi - flying on your schedule, in your own plane, to and from regional airports away from the crowds - without the extravagance of private jet charter.